Ericeira Surf Forecast Week 36 2020

Ericeira Surf Forecast Week 36 2020


WEEK 36 2020

August will say goodbye with a summer day in Ericeira with small waves and little wind. September will come with few waves and some wind.

The week will start with small waves but also with little wind. Monday is able to give some fun waves in the morning but Tuesday will be super small. Wednesday will rise a bit with some wind but nothing to worry about. Thursday and Friday will have a new west swell peaking on Friday. Sunny days and some east wind are foreseen in the morning for both days. Probably Friday will be the best surf day of the week. On Saturday a new north swell will enter with some wind to follow. Conditions will worsen for Sunday, where strong winds and bigger waves are expected.

Friday will have the biggest tide of the week with 0.7 metres at 10:25.


Glass conditions for the morning with small waves and decreasing. Maybe some small waves but fun conditions for surfing if the north wind of Sunday doesn’t let the ocean too choppy.


Probably the smallest day this week and with some north wind. An increase in swell is expected but should only arrive at night. It must be the worst surf day this week in Ericeira


An increase in swell is expected Tuesday night to arrive in Ericeira on Wednesday. With some north wind but nothing to worry about. A typical surf day in Ericeira.


Possibly a new west swell will enter with a slight breeze of offshore in the morning. This new swell is expected to rise throughout the day. With high temperatures a sunny day is expected with some good waves in Ericeira.

On Friday the west swell will reach its peak. Good conditions for surfing are expected since there will be little wind, especially in the morning. Probably the best surf day of the week in Ericeira.


A new north swell will enter, growing throughout the day and with some wind, but nothing big. Another typical day of surfing in Ericeira.


The northern swell that entered on Saturday will continue to grow and will enter strongly on Sunday. The wind will also blow with more intensity. Difficult conditions are expected for surfing during the last day of the week.


We hope you score some waves this week at Ericeira. But remember to surf within your limits and dont forget the safety rules. Super important, especially on these crowded surfing days.


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