backYARD is a group of local surfers and experienced coaches providing custom made programs designed to improve the surf experience of every surfer in Ericeira.



We are a group of friends that grew up together in Ericeira. When we were kids, we learnt how to surf in a beach close to home. We called this beach our ‘backyard’. Since then, we have spent everyday surfing Ericeira ́s waves – we know them as well as the palm of our hand.

Although we are adults, we have continued to surf together and made the important decision to share our passion with others.



CNN listed Ericeira as one of the best surf spots worldwide. They are right, Ericeira is one of the places to be and not only for surfers. Slabs, beach breaks, point breaks and kamikazes. Waves for every surfer; beginners and competitive surfers alike. We have 8 km worth of coast line offering every type of wave – the waves you need.

In case you need a break, you can enjoy the stunning views along our cliff edges or by walking through the narrow streets of our small seaside fishing village. Enjoy interacting with friendly people in a welcoming environment, and if you like good food, you are in for a treat!

Each year, the surfing industry is continuously growing. After all, today surfing is considered to be an Olympic sport. This hype around surf has had a huge influence over the changes brought onto Ericeira; becoming the 2nd World Surf Reserve on the 14th October 2011.



As locals we love how things were before; empty line ups and enjoying the chilled-out vibe in our hometown. These moments were priceless – but we know things have changed and there is no way to stop it.

Despite our ever changing Ericeira, we want to contribute to the surfing community in a positive way:

  • We want to promote quality over quantity tourism – offering a personalized and premium service through our surf coaching, guiding and filming.
  • We want to make surf safe – guiding our clients to surf conditions appropriate for their level and to respect the surfers around them.
  • We want to promote local businesses and people – defending Ericeira and its rich nature and culture.



Our training and local knowledge has helped us build private surf programs that will improve your overall surf experience in Ericeira. Every surf program is custom made and planned according to your needs and surf level.

Through our guidance, surfers are orientated to suitable spots and conditions. If needed, they will also learn the surf community rules and customs contributing to a safer, better and more fun surf experience.

Our business revolves around keeping our local community and traditions alive. Whilst we improve your surfing, we will also show you Ericeira the way we know it.



Every kind of surfer.

If you want to improve your surfing, we have the best programs to help you surf better.

If you want to surf uncrowded waves or get to know the authentic Ericeira as a local, we can guide you in this adventure and help you take the best of this amazing place.

If you want to have surf videos to impress your instagram friends or to analyse your surfing we can record your surf sessions.


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