backYARD is a group of local surfers and coaches with custom made programs designed to help every surfer to take the best of second world surf reserve – Ericeira.


We are a group of local surfers and specialised coaches with private surf programs designed for you and with a broad net of partners capable to help you take the best from Ericeira.


Ericeira – World Surf Reserve. CNN listed Ericeira as one of the world’s best surf towns. And they are right, Ericeira is one of the places to be and not only for surfers. Slabs, beach breaks, point breaks, from beginners to advance and kamikazes you have every kind of wave in about 8 km of coast line. And when you are tired of surf you can enjoy the stunning beaches or a walk in the town with its narrows streets and hospitality environment.


Every kind of surfer. If you are an advanced surfer we have the best programs to improve your surf. But you don’t need to be a experienced surfer, we can help you get there while you have fun.


To improve your surf ability and take the best from Ericeira.


Through custom made sessions specially adapted for your surf level and experience.


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