Cola Bros

Cola Bros


I was hooked on surfing videos. I spent hours of my life glued to the screen watching my favorite surfers.
When I started surfing there was still no youtube or Vimeo. At least that I knew of. So the videos came to me through CDs in magazines or borrowed from my friends. I think I saw Young Guns and Momentum about 1000 times.
Nowadays, the story is different. The digital revolution has transformed surfing and now we have our favorite surfers on our computers and mobile phones within a click. YouTube and Vimeo are flooded with surf clips. Now the difficulty is not finding surf videos but choosing which video we want to see among all that we have available.

Now I don’t see as many surf videos as I did when I was a teenager. However, some surfers still make me stick to the screen. One of them is the Griffin Colapinto. Griffin launched a youtube channel in late 2020 with his brother, Crosby, to my great satisfaction.
It is not only surfing they also show a little about what it is to be a professional surfer and their life on the tour.
Most surfers release some video parts during the year. However, these two kids release videos almost every week. It is incredible the consistency in the surf that these two brothers have to be able to launch videos every week.
Griffin, for me, is one of the best surfers of the moment. It has a lot of power and style while having all the progressive maneuvers. And the brother, Crosby, goes the same way.

For me, the only problem is that they are not goofy.

Here is a small demonstration of what these two monsters can do on top of a surfboard

The text was written by Afonso Tornelli