Ericeira Surf Clube Portugal Surfing Cup Champions.

A back to back win at home, make Ericeira Surf Clube 2x times National Champions

Ericeira Surf Clube just won Portugal Surfing Cup.

A back to back win at home, make Ericeira Surf Clube 2x times National Champions.


The contest was run at praia do Lizandro with two contest zones. One for bodyboard on the left of the river and another at Lage dos Tubos for surf and longboard.

The event had 35o athletes divide or 23 surf clubs.

Team Titles
Absolute Champion – Ericeira Surf Clube
Surf Champion – Ericeira Surf Clube
Bodyboard Champion – Aqua Carca
Longboard Champion – Surfing Clube de Portugal
Individual Titles
Under 14 – Santiago Graça (Clube Recreativo e Cultural da Quinta dos Lombos)
Under 16 – Afonso Antunes (Ericeira Surf Clube)
Under 18– Gabriel Ribeiro (Ericeira Surf Clube)
Open– Sidney Guimarães (Associação de Surf da Costa de Caparica)
Woman under 18 – Francisca Veselko (Ericeira Surf Clube)
Woman Open – Concha Balsemão (Ericeira Surf Clube)
Under 14 – José Mano (Clube Fluvial Vilacondense)
Under 16– José Luís Silva (Clube Fluvial Vilacondense)
Under 18 – Joel Rodrigues (Clube Naval Povoense) SÉNIOR – Daniel Fonseca (Peniche Surfing Clube)
Woman Under 18 – Filipa Broeiro (Ericeira Surf Clube)
Woman Open – Teresa Padrela (Aqua Carca)
Under18 – Frederico Mittermayer (Surfing Clube Portugal)
Opeb – João Gama (Estoril Praia)

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