You are currently viewing Ericeira Surf Forecast: Week 18 – Season 2021

Ericeira Surf Forecast: Week 18 – Season 2021

The first week of May brings a moderate north wind and a new west swell to Ericeira.

The waves will remain small at the beginning but it will get bigger throughout the week. A strong west swell is expected at the weekend.
Monday records the lowest tidal coefficient for this week – 43. Low tide will be at 14:28

I hope the wind doesn’t ruin what little there is. At least its north wind. It even gives somo consistency to certain spots.
It may be that in the middle of the week there are some reasonable conditions for surfing.
At the end of the week if it gets too big there is always the most crowded place in town – Fishermans beach. Careful with the rip currents close to the pier.

Enjoy it during the week and be careful with the weekend.

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