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Ericeira Surf Forecast: Week 19 – Season 2021

The forecasts for this week is not favorable for surfing in Ericeira. Although the swell is losing its power the strong west wind will keep on.

The peak of the swell is expected to be on Monday and to lose strength over the week. However it looks like a new north swell will start from Wednesday and should last until Saturday.
Moderate to strong winds are expected from the west quadrant until Thursday, turning to the north quadrant from Friday.
Tuesday records the biggest tidal coefficient for this week – 90. Low tide will be at 09:06

Do not expect good conditions for this week, especially with this west wind and with two swells mixed. At least there will be waves and it may be less crowded in the water. The past week has been complicated, especially in the most popular peaks as Ribeira. Tomorrow it should still be a bit too big for normal spots but the next days should already be surfable.

The month of May is always very windy in Ericeira and this one is not an exception.

Make the most of it, and hope for better conditions.

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