Ericeira Surf Forecast Week 34 2020

Ericeira Surf Forecast Week 34 2020


WEEK 34 2020

The second half of August, in Ericeira, will start with the ocean almost flat. As in the last days, this Monday will also start with very small waves, almost nonexistent. Much like last Sunday. However, the forecasts point to an increase in the swell and on Wednesday and Thursday we hope to have some decent waves to surf, however with some south wind. Which is not the best wind for Ericeira. Friday it will be expected an increase in the size of the waves to fall during the following days but Sunday still counting with some waves of a considerable size. North wind will appear on Friday, mostly in the afternoons, are stronger on Sunday.
The tides diference will be big and Thursday will have the biggest tide of the week with 0.3metres at 22:32.

Glass conditions but almost flat. No surf in Ericeira. Maybe some softboards fun and longboard but maybe not even that.

Another glassy day, especially in the morning with a bit more waves than the previous day. Good for beginners and longboards and probably some waves on the Ericeira beach breaks – Foz do Lizandro and S Julião.

A west swell will pick up and finally we will have some proper waves to surf. However south wind will blow up especially in the afternoon. And south wind can be one of the worst wind directions that we can have in Ericeira. Foz do Lizandro is a good option with this kind of wind.

South wind probably will bring some rain and the swell will decrease during the day. However we think its possible to have some surfable waves in the morning.

A new swell is coming during the day and probably Ericeira will have some solid surf conditions. With some glass conditions in the morning and a bit of north wind in the afternoon. Beginners and intermediates will have their options narrow to Praia do Sul or Matadouro and advance surfers can enjoy some good conditions especially in the main waves of the 2nd world surf reserve.

A decrease of the swell in the end of the day however with some good conditions. The wind can start blowing stronger earlier.

A bit like the last two days but with more wind. Still there will be some proper waves to surf on Ericeira main breaks.

It looks like we’re finally going to have some waves this week at Ericeira. Although Monday and Tuesday is super small on Wednesday and Thursday, some waves have already entered, which despite having some size can be affected by the south wind. As of Friday, solid waves will appear for the next days. We can count on classic surfing mornings but with some north wind in the afternoon. Especially on Sunday that despite the decrease of the waves size there will be more wind.
So for those who are beginners, take advantage of the beginning of the week, which will be good to learn because after Friday, solid conditions for more advanced surfers will pick up.

We hope you score some waves this week at Ericeira. But remember to surf within your limits and dont forget the safety rules. Super important, especially on these crowded surfing days.


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