About "Mojo"

Local Surfer; Former Competition Surfer; Skater; Snowboarder

João lived in Lisbon when he was younger. His family used to come to Ericeira to surf and at a very young age, his father taught him how to do it. They moved here when he was still a grom. But it was not just about surfing. The skateboard also appeared in his life very early, and at a certain age, he had to choose one and taking it more seriously. The surf won. Billabong supported him and he started competing. Soon he started to be a regular presence in ribeira d´ilhas´ line up. Now he isn’t very often seen  surfing the main spots, as he usually surfs some of the heaviest secret spots with less crowd.

Most Likely to: screw up an entire wave just to go to the air.

Random Fact: he can barrel in switch stance

“no pain, no gain”