Learn How to Surf

Learning how to surf can be pretty simple and you will have a lot of fun. Everyone can learn to surf. You don´t need to be a fit person or a sport enthusiastic, even a 70 year old person can learn how to ride a wave on a surfboard. You just need to try it.

If you want to do it we can recommend you a surf school. Our coaches know the majority of surf schools in Ericeira and they can tell you which is the most suitable one for you. You just need to contact us.


And if you are not convinced take a look at this:

Why should you surf?

  • It’s healthy;
  • You get closer to nature;
  • Raises your self-esteem;
  • You look cool on the top of a surfboard;
  • Now it’s fashion to use surf wear;
  • It can be a good adventure;
  • You get a tan;
  • Helps your posture;
  • Cures Insomnia;
  • You can do it alone;
  • Surfers are sexy;
  • Dogs can do it. Pigs too;
  • Your hair turns lighter;
  • It can be a family activity;
  • Because you will have a great time doing it.


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