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Surf Coaching Goes Beyond Surf Lessons

To progress your surfing, surf lessons are essential. However, for your progression to be more efficient and faster, you need more complete and personalized training and monitoring.⠀

Coaching goes beyond surf lessons. Our coaches will assess your skill and your experience to help you define your surfing goals and design a training plan for the time you are surfing in Ericeira.⠀

In our programs you can have a coach responsible for your training plan who will help you make the most of the Ericeira waves to improve your surfing.⠀

But our training plans are much more than surf sessions. We have skateboard training sessions, theory lessons, apnea training, video analysis and much more.⠀

If you want to improve your surfing, think about how effective coaching can be. A more complete and personalized approach to your evolution.⠀

Find your surf coach with us.