Learn how to surf and get the most of your practice

backYARD surf courses were built to evaluate your surf in detail and pass on specific knowledge that allows you to understand surfing better and maximise your practice.

Indicated for people who are for a short period of time in Ericeira and want to make the best use of Ericeira’s waves to develop their surfing.

The learning content is specific for each level and is transmitted through surf classes, surf skate classes, video analysis classes, conditional classes and theoretical classes.

We don’t just cover techniques to control the board and surf waves, but also knowledge that allows you to feel more comfortable in the water, optimise the number and quality of waves surfed and get the best out of your time in the ocean.

In order to guarantee the maximum quality and to choose the best conditions according to each surfer, the surf courses are private.

surf courses will provide you tools and knowledge to be able to keep your progress independently



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In order to help people learn more efficiently we use different methodologies and classes.

Surf courses programs can include surf classes, surf skate classes, video analysis classes, conditional classes or theory classes using multimedia resources

Each class can be divided into practical and theoretical parts.

The course planning and the classes chosen are done according to your goals, your availability and to the ocean and weather conditions.

Courses can also be adjusted during the time they are running to adjust to conditions and your progress.

Any changes to the planning are only made through an agreement between you and the coach.



The surf course classes are specifically designed to pass on knowledge that allows you to increase the effectiveness of your practice and to provide you with tools to be able to progress independently.

Classes are prepared according to your needs and goals.


A surf session with a coach in the water will help you navigate the line up, catch more and better waves and get more comfortable in the water while getting instant feedback after each wave.


The coach will not only record the class to create content to be analyzed, He will also guide the session setting goals and exercises to maximize your practice. The session is divided into periods to create the opportunity for feedback, reflections and re adjustments.

Surf skates are designed to replicate the movement of surfing on land. ​backYARD surf skate classes are great for our coaches to explain the fundamental movements and mechanics of surfing.

In addition to passing on knowledge, surf skate lessons are super important because it gives you the opportunity to identify and correct your mistakes easily because in contrast with surfing you can isolate movements and you don’t need to worry about other variables.

You will also learn exercises that you can do independently to improve your surfing technique and your balance.

Video analysis is one of the main tools to help you progress your surfing.

In the video analysis class you don’t just have the opportunity to watch and analyze your style and technique with a coach. will have a huge impact in your surf improvements.

You will also learn to analyze techniques and movements independently so that in the future you will be able to analyze your surf footage.

This analysis will make it easier to identify, explain and demonstrate the aspects that need to be worked on.

Surfing is both one of the most enjoyable and physically demanding sports in the world. It requires a wide range of physical qualities in order to paddle out, catch a wave, balance on a surfboard and to execute correct techniques.

Conditional training helps you to be fit for surfing and to reduce physical limitations that hold back your performance surfing.

The physical condition classes of the surf courses aim to make a physical assessment of the surfers to define areas that need to be worked and to present specific exercises that are important to achieve the physical goals of each surfer.

There is knowledge and information that are more easily transmitted through the use of graphic elements such as videos and images.

It is much easier for a coach to explain how to catch waves or how to execute a technique through the use of videos.


Most frequent questions and answers

We have surf courses available for people who have never surfed to advanced surfers who want to perfect their manoeuvres.

Contact our team and find out which course best suits your level and your surfing experience.

Yes, although the courses are private, you can create a private group with 1 or more friends.

However, it is super important that you have very similar surfing levels so that you can do the same course.

The courses have a maximum of 4 surfers.

In the event that there are more than 4 surfers, a group and an additional class will have to be created with another responsible coach.

The price of the course will be charged to each surfer in the group but for each additional element a discount is given.



2 people per group – 15% discount

3 people per group – 25% discount.

4 people per group – 35% discount


The surf sessions take place from the beach of São Juliao to the beach of São Lourenço. The spot for the sessions are chosen according to the session’s objectives, your experience and the ocean conditions. The out-of-water sessions take place within the parish of Ericeira and surroundings.

Transport is included within the Ericeira area.

If you want, there is the possibility to carry out sessions outside Ericeira area to search for better conditions or to have access to another type of infrastructure. However, in that case, travel cost will be added to the program price according to time and distance to the spot.

The duration of the course can be adjusted to your goals and availability.

The longer the course, the deeper we can go into each content, as well as the possibility of using different methodologies to pass on knowledge.

You can customise a course that best suits your goals and availability. The coach responsible for your surf course can help you with that.

Our team will send you a form in order to have more information about your experience and goals in surfing and will get in touch with you to build a program together.

The number and type of sessions are flexible and scheduled according to the conditions and availability of the coach and yours.

Courses can also be adjusted during the time they are running to adjust to conditions and your progress.

Any changes to the course or sessions are only made through an agreement between you and the coach.

The equipment needed will depend on the type of session participated.

For surf sessions you need a wetsuit (preferably 4/3) a board suitable for your level and experience, leash and wax.

(if you do not have the necessary equipment, you can rent it with us or with our partners for an extra cost)

For skating session, just bring comfortable clothes and preferably sports shoes. The skateboard board is provided by us.

For theory sessions and video analysis sessions you don’t need any equipment, however something you can take notes on can be a good idea.

It is also important to have a device with internet access such as a mobile phone or a computer to be able to access the files that the coach provides and fills in.

Because the prices of the courses are adjusted to its duration and to the methodology and scheduled sessions, surf courses prices are not fixed.

In order for the coach to customize a course specifically for your needs and availability, it is important that you fill out our form about your surf experience.

Once you have the form filled in, contact us to get a quote.

To book your course, you just need to send us a message.

If you haven’t already filled out our surf experience form, our team will then send you a small form that will help us understand a little more about your experience and goals in surfing. This information will allow us to choose a coach suited to your needs and availability.

The designated coach will then get in touch with you and together you will design a course that fits your goals and answer any questions you may have.

Use any of the contacts shown on the next page to send us a message.

In order to be able to customize the backyard surf programs to the your goals and needs, our team has built a form that will provide us with information about the your experience and level.

The form takes less than 5 minutes to complete and can be accessed through the link below.

Surf Experience Form:

Once you have the form filled in, please let us know.




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