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Surf Rules and Etiquette Vs Surfers Level

The organisation in the line up and respect for the rules and etiquette of surfing is directly related to the level of surfers in the water.

This phenomenon does not only happen in Ericeira but all over the world.

This statement comes after years of observation and experience from our coaches and through conversations with more experienced surfers from around the world.

The higher the level of surfers in the water, the greater the organisation and respect for the rules of surfing. As simple as this.

(Although, we all know that sometimes there are some more experienced surfers acting like they own the spot. But that is a completely different topic.)

A lineup with 50 experienced surfers is usually much more organised than a lineup with 10 inexperienced surfers

And we think it’s easy to see why.

Less experienced surfers find it more difficult to control their boards, read the waves and often don’t know the rules and etiquette of surfing.

We often see surf sessions being ruined when less experienced surfers enter the water. Many put themselves in front of the waves instead of using the channel, others snake around the peak and mess the organisation of the line up, others unintentionally drop those who are already in the wave or sometimes simply because they cannot control the board and put them and others in danger.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that less experienced surfers shouldn’t surf. None of that. However, they must do so in appropriate places and always be aware of and respecting the rules and etiquette of surfing. And if necessary accompanied by a school or coach.

With the exponential growth of surfing, there was a boom of new surfers and this increased the disorganisation of surf spots.

Today, more than ever, it is important to educate and train surfers. Only then will it be possible to fight against the detriment of surf quality and have more fun and better vibes in the water. 

Not only less experienced surfers should seek specialized help and know the rules and enter the water only knowing the rules of conduct in the water and in appropriate places and conditions for their level, but also more experienced surfers should educate and help organize this new wave. of surfers.

We cannot fight the increase in the crowd in the line up but we can improve the organization of the line up and respect the rules of surfing through the education and training of surfers.

This work should not only be done by schools, coaches and federations but also by more experienced surfers.

So if you are not so experienced please be humble enough to search for someone to help you and be open minded and keen to learn. – Youtube videos are not enough and sometimes your friend’s tip will just make it worse.

And if you are more experienced, remember that you were a beginner before and usually if you explain how things work it will be helpful.