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Surfing Is Not Just About Catching Waves

Discover the essence of surfing with Backyard Ericeira’s. Our experienced team of surf coaches, like Chico, will not only teach you the technical skills you need to catch waves, but also help you enjoy your time in the water by cultivating a positive attitude.

Surfing is more than just riding waves; it’s about embracing the moment and the beauty of the ocean. At Backyard Ericeira, we believe that having a positive attitude is just as crucial as mastering your surf skills. Our surf coaching programs in Ericeira ensures that everyone has the opportunity to experience the joy of surfing.

Chico, one of our expert surf coaches, embodies the spirit of our philosophy. Always smiling both in and out of the water, Chico’s upbeat demeanor is infectious. We believe that a simple smile can transform your surfing experience by helping you relax, enjoy the moment, and set a positive tone for those around you.

When you participate in our Ericeira Surf Programs, you’ll learn the importance of smiling while surfing. Not only will it improve your performance, but it will also enhance the vibe in the water, making for an unforgettable experience.

Join us at Backyard Ericeira for Surf Programs that emphasize both technical skills and a positive attitude. Experience the magic of surfing in Ericeira with our expert surf coaches, and remember to smile as you ride the waves.

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