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The Charm of Old Ericeira

Ericeira nowadays has a lot of hype around it. Everyone wants to come to Ericeira, from Portuguese to foreigners. It seems that all surfers in Europe want to be on Ericeira. Adding that to the new trend of digital nomads and Ericeira is blowing up so many people.

New people bring new ideas, and with that comes change, Ericeira has changed radically in recent years. Some people like it, others don’t.

Regardless, we cannot deny that Ericeira had its charm before this change came so abruptly.

In the video we present today we can contemplate the wonderful village of Ericeira a few decades ago.

It is even possible to see how people were surfing at the time. There were no surfboards but people used the famous “Repimpa” mattresses to catch waves. At the time, surfing was called “Andar à Carreirinha”.