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What Does It Mean to Be a Good Surfer?

Nowadays people are very attached to the idea that a good surfer is someone who can perform progressive turns on a wave. But surfing is much more than that.

For sure it’s more than having blonde hair and walking on the beach with tan and a high-end performance board.

It is necessary to open the concept of surfing beyond the performance in the wave and the manoeuvres. Surfers who only aspire to do progressive maneuvers on the waves run the risk of not consolidating basic surfing skills and techniques as well as creating frustrations for not being able to correctly execute the manoeuvres that they see their favourite surfers do and that they so much aspire to achieve.

To start, there are many aspects to surfing. big waves, tubes, aerials, progressive maneuvers, rail maneuvers, competition, trying out different types and shapes of boards, longboard surfing, and more.

Surfing is also a sport that allows us to ride the wave in different ways and lines. There are surfers who want to do combinations of progressive manoeuvres in the critical sections like in competition while other surfers prefer to just glide with the flow of a wave.

But surfing is not just our performance on the board in a wave. It’s also the way we are in the ocean and on the beach, how we relate to other surfers and also the pleasure and feelings we can get out of it. Going further, it’s the way we see the forecasts and prepare for the next sessions, how we venture out in search of new waves and how we transmit the surf culture to those around us.

Surfing is much more than manoeuvres on top of a board.

Being a good surfer is someone who can be comfortable in the ocean, who can correctly interpret the conditions of the sea, someone who respects the rules and etiquette of surfing, someone who brings a good mood to the line up. A good surfer can consistently and effortlessly control the board to glide a wave smoothly with flow. A good surfer is someone who can have fun while surfing and make the most out of it.

That’s why our coaches not only help surfers to develop skills and competences that allow them to control the board and ride the wave, but they also dedicate themselves to the development of other skills and knowledge that allow surfers to:

Being more comfortable in the water, interpreting the ocean conditions correctly, reading waves and navigating the lineups, respecting surfing rules and etiquette, taking the most out of the sessions in the water, eliminating frustrations and learning to develop independently.

So if you want to be a better surfer, remember that surfing is much more than maneuvers and that we can help you to develop your skills to enjoy your surfing more.

We coach people to be better surfers.